The Critic in Me


I am a person
Who regularly writes poems
And then criticize them equally as much
And let myself down in my own accord
And find it hard to pick myself up

I am a critic
Who usually finds some good
In every single piece of art
But always end up putting myself to shame
By comparing my work with theirs

But I am also a writer
Who can sometimes write something good
Something I can be proud of
And not be bothered about criticizing it
Isn’t that what we must do

The critic in us will always complain
And tell us we’re are not as good as him/her
But when we shut him off and start writing
And then we can make our own piece of art
Without the critic nagging over us

And when that critic sees that work
All he can do is stare in a simple disbelief
Questioning whether it is me who actually wrote that
And immediately stops bothering us
Even for a little while which seems perfect


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